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Why You Need Mastery Of Google AdWords

The eCommerce world is laden with new brands daily, and you need skills to stay relevant amidst this clutter. Google Adwords is one of the tried and tested advertising platforms for both large and small eCommerce companies. As the name suggests, this paid advertising platform was pioneered by Google, and it hopes to help eCommerce companies reach customers through pay per click (PPC) campaigns.

Keyword Research is Essential for an Effective Ad Campaign

To launch an advertising campaign, you need a Google Adwords account. Once you are logged in, choose a set of keyword phrases you think are most relevant to your business and check the estimated number of monthly searches internet users make for those keywords. The Google Keyword Planner, accessible within your Adwords account, lets you evaluate a variety of phrases, see the amount of competition each keyword yields, and possible spending if you place an ad campaign.
Remember, your expectations are to get the most clicks or conversions for the least amount. Hence, your search should also include related keywords to see the most effective option for your business/location/service. For instance, if you are offering locksmith services in New York, you might come across related searches like 24-hour locksmith Nyc, locksmith upper east side, locksmith NYC midtown, locksmith Bronx NY, locksmith upper west side, locksmith Chelsea NYC.
Why Google Adwords Is Popular
You need mastery of this complex but effective online advertising platform. Hence, you may need help with Google Adwords. In spite of bidding a higher amount than your competitor, a number of factors control the position of your campaign. There are intricate steps during the campaign creation process, and an expert is best placed to understand them. For example, one of the placement factors is the landing page of the ad. When your ad is directing users to an appropriate page, and users are actually showing interest in your ad and giving you clicks, you have an advantage over your competitor during the ad auction Google carries out to determine the organization of ads just above the organic SERP.
Outstanding benefits of a Google Adwords campaign are:

  • Easy to measure results
Most advertising platforms, especially traditional methods such as outdoor advertising, are not measurable. Hence, companies spend billions on advertising but they cannot see a ROI. Google Adwords offers measurable campaigns. You can measure the impressions, the number of clicks, the cost of each click received, the conversions made as well as the cost of each acquisition per campaign. Campaigns have different objectives. If you just started selling a new product, your objective might be to inform your market about it. On the other hand, for an established product, your motive is to increase sales. It is possible to measure whether you achieved any of these objectives.
  • You target the right market
A Google ad campaign utilizes targeting options like the location, the language, timing etc. If your business only reaches out to a state, a section of a state or a nation, your campaigns are carefully targeted to that audience. In addition, your campaigns also reach people accessing the internet on a number of devices from mobiles phones to tablets and desktops.
  • You have control over your advertising budget
Google Adwords campaigns let you set a daily spending plan. In addition, you pay when someone makes an action. For example, you pay when someone clicks your ad. You can pause, change, and improve your campaigns as often as possible to get better results.
Beat the clutter that is in the eCommerce industry by creating cost-effective advertising campaigns and measuring their success.
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