Top SEO Interview Questions and Answers – A Complete Guidance about It

SEO is important for any business to be found online and before attending a search optimization engine interview it is better to have knowledge about the types of SEO interview questions that will be asked and how we have to answer for that we have to prepare mentally for that before attending. If you are an experienced candidate or fresher then there are numerous advantages of SEO and it is still a critical part of any digital marketing strategy. SEO training is a good way to transfer your career into a digital marketing and if you are looking for new career advancement in the field of search engine optimization then consider training yourself for that important SEO interview so by this you are ready to shine as a job candidate. 

The Following Is the Top Interview Questions and Answers 

What Does SEO Stand For?

SEO Means or it stands for (Search Engine Optimization).

Why SEO Is Essential For businesses?

SEO is very important for your business because if you want your business to get success in the online world it is very essential to have a well-optimized SEO website. SEO is essential for your business to grow more and more and also a business needs to make more sales with low marketing costs. SEO helps your business to earn more profit and also helps your business to achieve goals set by you for business.

What Is SERP?

It is a web page which comes up as a result of search queries and it stands for (Search Engine Result Page). This page helps you to see all results that you search for and also it includes organic and PPC listings and if you have a higher score then your page will get a higher rank. All listings are available in different formats and are also keywords based. 

What Is a Link-building Strategy?

Link-Building Strategies is a social media, guest blogging and replicating your best-performing links which helps your brand and help your bounds and leaps to optimize and track your links. It is what professionals do to try and also get links to their website to improve SEO results and it helps to increase boost and conversions SEO rankings. 

How Important Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are important because if your website has more Backlinks then your website will become more popular on SEO and Google considers Backlinks as a vote. It is a link to a website from an external source and we get the Backlinks in the location of the page. It helps your website to rank higher on search results.  

How Can You Use Social Media Marketing For SEO?

You can use social media marketing for SEO to build your brands and also it helps you to get Backlinks while sharing website content through social media platforms. Also, it makes your website more likely to get clicks on the SEO result page, and still social media matters for SEO because it influences search rankings.

What Is Bounce Rate In SEO?

It is a percentage of website users or it is a single-page session divided by all sessions. In this users can view only a single page and trigger a single request to the analystics server and also it leaves your site from the landing page without taking any particular action or without visiting other pages is a bounce rate in SEO.

Bounce Rate:   No.of Single Page Sessions

                             No. Of All Sessions

What Does Make You A Good SEO Candidate?

Your experience with tools and technical know-how and by mentioning some KPIs which you have fulfilled in your previous work and also keeping always yourself up-to-date with latest trends and breakthroughs etc. Also, how you are committed to your job. By mentioning some SEO strategies you have fixed and used to get results you obtained by sharing these all things makes you a good SEO candidate. 

What Is Your Approach Towards Developing An SEO Strategy?

You can answer this question by using your knowledge and experience by mentioning some approaches such as long-term as well as short-term goals to develop an SEO strategy and also by understanding the audience etc. Also, through knowing the competitive landscape and developing the strategy which will be unique according to your experience and knowledge. 

What Is Keyword?

It is very essential words or phrases search engine users on your website and uses it to find relevant content and make your page rank high on SEO. It helps your site content towards that segment and also keywords are called queries. It very essential as it makes search engine optimization professionals aware of what customers need or searching for and optimize relevant keywords to rank higher on search engines.

Which Are The Different Categories Of SEO?

There are three different types categories of SEO are:

On-Page SEO

It includes practice strategies to optimize an individual page on the website and helps to earn organic traffic.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is also the process of techniques for improving a website`s rank on SEO search results.

Technical SEO

It is a process of optimizing a website for indexing and crawling and also helps search engines to index, access, access, and interpret websites and also crawl in a hassle-free manner. 

Which Are The SEO Blogs That Helps You To Enhance Your Content Marketing Strategies? 

The following is the SEO blogs content marketing strategies that help you to enhance it:

  • Search Engine land
  • MOZ
  • Search Engine Journal
  • BacklinkO
  • Google Webmaster Central
  • SEOSmarty

Which Tools Are Used In SEO?

The following is the Tools that are used in SEO:

  • Google Analytics
  • Alexa
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Open Site Explorer
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Website Grader
  • Google Keyword planner

What is the World Wide Web (WWW)?

The World Wide Web pages contain information and are connected by links that are called hypertext and it is the biggest book whose pages are located in so many servers present all over the world. WWW is a network of internet servers that contain information in the form of audio, videos and also web pages, etc. Also, it is designed by Tim Berners-Lee in the year 1991.

In What Way You Optimize Your Content For Google`s Rich Answer Box?

In the following ways you can optimize your content for Google`s rich answer box:

  • By identifying complex questions and queries
  • By enhancing user experience 
  • By implementing schema markup code
  • By creating quality content
  • By engaging readers
  • By selecting user searched topics
  • By providing supplemental topics

What Is Anchor Text?

It is the clickable text in a hyperlink and having an exact match anchor text delivers more value. Search Engine optimization best practices dictate that it is relevant to the page you are linking and Google will punish over-optimized anchor distributions. It helps you to expect from your website naturally linking to your website and also includes partial match, branded, and naked URLs, etc. 

Which Kind of Google Penalties Can You Get?

The following Google penalties we can get:

  • Cloaked Images
  • User-Generated Spam
  • Hacked Website
  • Pure Spam
  • Sneaky or Cloaking Redirects
  • Unnatural Links From Your Website
  • Hidden Text and Keywords Stuffing
  • Thin Content With Small Added Value


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