Top 10 Business Blogs To Follow In 2021

There is nothing more exciting than initializing your own business.
With a mixed emotion of nervousness and learning new things, you took one step forward to live your dream.
And at this time, what can be best than getting the best advice from the business experts to run your business.

With a plethora of business advice available over the web, it’s really tough to pick the ones that are worth reading. To save your efforts of finding the right ones from the thousands of business blogs, we have come up with a comprehensive list of  Top 10 Business Blogs which you must follow.

Best Business Blogs


Go through them and become a better entrepreneur.
1. Octane Blog
The Octane blog was created by the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO), which is a global business network of nearly 12000 entrepreneurs. Octane blog is a significant resource for every business owner and entrepreneur who is just starting their new business.
The most interesting feature of this blog is its blog on seasoned entrepreneurs, guest posts from the top business bloggers and snippets of the best business books. It’s a complete all-rounder blog if you want an insight into the world of entrepreneurship.
Octane Blog
2. Penelope Trunk
Penelope Trunk started four startups and came across all the ups and downs of building a successful business. She shares her experience in her personal honest blogs that highlight the guidance on various matters such as productivity and cash flow management.
She also stated in her blogs about the Asperger Syndrome and many challenges it has brought to the lives of herself and her family. She now runs a start-up venture which is an educational company and features blogs on career advice.
Penelope Trunk
3. Neil Patel
Neil Patel is a very popular name in the digital marketing industry. Everyone belongs to digital marketing space has surely come across his blogs.
He is the co-founder of various analytics platforms such as Kissmetrics, Crazy Egg and Hello Bar.
Forbes also cited Neil Patel in its list of top ten online marketers. Amazon, NBC, and HP are among his high-profile clients. His blogs are must to read by the newbies looking to grow their online business.
Neil Patel
4. HubSpot Blog
HubSpot Blog is the one-stop shop for getting everything related to running a successful business. It supports businesses with its wide range of software products which include content management, SEO tools, and Google Analytics.
It covers topics and updates from all sectors of the blog that includes marketing, sales, service, and current trends. The article and blogs of the HubSpot Blog is a valuable resource for all business owners.
HubSpot Blog
5. Duct Tape Marketing
If you are searching for the affordable and most applicable marketing strategies and advice then Duct Tape Marketing Blog is the perfect fit for you.
This blog was founded by John Jantsch, which is a great accompaniment to his book, Duct Tape Marketing: World’s Most Practical Marketing Guide for Small Business.
It includes blogs on digital marketing, lead conversion, SEO, Social media, online marketing tools, online advertising and many more. This blog offers an affordable package to help you start your business.
Duct Tape Marketing
6. The Moz Blog
Since its launch in 2004, Moz has become an authority for everything related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The Moz Blog is a go-to place for complete insight into the world of SEO.
The Moz blog offers a complete package of tips and guides on how to rank on the top of Google search engine rankings. It features advice from the search experts Moz co-founder, Rand Fishkin, and the digital marketing guru Neil Patel.
The Moz Blog
7. Gary Vaynerchuk’s Blog
Gary Vaynerchuk handled his family wine business and grew it into a $60 million company in the span of five years. He is a serial entrepreneur who was the early investor of Facebook, Uber, and Twitter.
He is the founder of VaynerMedia and he also hosts popular show #AskGaryVee Show. Here he answers the questions related to online business, startups, social media and many more. He shares his marketing tips to help budding entrepreneurs.
Gary Vaynerchuk’s Blog
8. CopyBlogger Blog
CopyBlogger was started in the year 2006, is a complete blend of useful information for any marketer and content creator. It covers everything you must know about blogging and writing online content.
The CopyBlogger Blog guides you to write compelling content that gets your business noticed and drives traffic to your business. It thus helps in increasing sales to your sales by writing a great piece of content.
CopyBlogger Blog
9. Under 30 CEO
Under 30 CEO Blog focuses on travelling and entrepreneurship. It is a well-known business blog that shows how to live up to your dreams and how to set up your own business in this competitive world.
It is a great source of inspiration for young, talented, and passionate business owners to successfully build a business and grow it from scratch. It aims to help the young entrepreneur to get success in their business.
Under 30 CEO
10. Smart Passive Income Blog
Pat Flynn was the man behind the creation of the Smart Passive Income Blog. If you are just starting your business, then this is a must-to-read blog and we bet, you are surely going to love it.
Pat is a respected entrepreneur who sees himself as the crash test dummy of an online business. He got an incredible amount of success through his business. He shares his success journey through his blog: The Smart Passive Income.
So, here you have it, 10 amazing business blogs to follow in 2019. These blogs not only help you in running a successful business but helps in generating revenue.
Then what to wait for? Follow these blogs and grab the most out of it.
Smart Passive Income Blog
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