5 Easy Tips To Prevent SEO Disaster With Your Agency


Whether you are just learning the ropes of online marketing or are already running a successful company, you might be wondering how to choose the SEO company that will help you increase your brand’s awareness and hit the top ranks. Choosing the right SEO marketing agency is an essential step in building your own brand. While the right one can help generate more traffic, the wrong one can make severe damage to your business and even cause a huge business failure.

To avoid such a scenario, you have to have a clear insight into who you will be working with. Your potential SEO agency should not only be consistent and knowledgeable, but it should be able to deliver real value to your business and stay within your budget.

Here, we’ve rounded up a few tips that might help you avoid SEO catastrophe and improve your future online marketing strategy.

  1. Establish a strong SEO foundation

Before hiring SEO agency, you need to consider building a strong foundation by performing a full SEO audit. In this way, you will be able to overview all possible problems and correct them before the beginning of the campaign. There are many links that can have an adverse impact on the entire campaign and cause irreversible damage to your business. Nobody wants to spend a fortune on an SEO campaign, and learn along the road that website was penalized because some issues were not identified and addressed accordingly. Before initiating a campaign, make sure the agency performs a full SEO audit and prevents any obstacles that may come along the way.

  1. Discuss important issues before hiring an SEO consultant


Honesty is the best policy. One of the ways to prevent falling into a trap of a bad SEO campaign is to have open and friendly communication with your SEO agency. Prior to initiating a project, you need to discuss all important issues that you think will affect your agile project management and the future collaboration with the agency you are working with. Make a list of interview questions you would like to ask your potential agency. This should help you reach the final decision and choose the agency that will contribute to your success. You may consider asking the following questions:

  • Can you guarantee that my website will have a top-ranking position
  • How do you deal with penalized websites?
  • How many links can you build per month?
  • What kind of content pieces will you be focusing on during the campaign?
  • Can I see some examples of your work?
  • How many people will be working on the campaign?
  1. Create expectations (goals)

Every ambitious project needs to have a clear set of actionable and achievable goals. This is particularly true when introducing another party to the project. Both you and the SEO agency you are hiring need to be on the same page and working towards the same ultimate goal in order to achieve success. Are you trying to increase the traffic and run agile project management? Are you aimed at attracting more visitors with the buyer intent and converting them into a strong customer base? Whatever your goals are, you need to make sure your agency is well-aware of them. In this way, you will prevent miscommunication, misunderstandings, and potential conflicts between you and the agency.

  1. Choose the right set of communication tools


One of the things that can bring the collaboration with the agency to a whole new level is the right set of tools. Modern technology has given us an incredible opportunity to improve all the processes and jump any communication gaps with ease by using a number of tools available in today’s market. If you want to upscale communication with your agency, consider investing in the right set of communication and marketing project management tools.

They don’t only allow you to maintain good communication with everybody on the team but it allows them to view every step of the project, comment on it directly and make necessary changes. Also, emphasize true transparency by asking your agency to send you monthly analytics and conversion reports which should tell you if the campaign is making any progress or not.

  1. Focus on relevant content

When search engine optimization arrived on the scene back in the 1990s, it came with one sole purpose – to make the most relevant and original content appear on the number 1 slot for the given search. Although the ultimate goal of search engine optimization hasn’t changed, the techniques for achieving it have changed immensely. Although the agency should be proficient at creating an effective and successful content marketing strategy, make sure you discuss the content they will be producing and focus on the topics and keywords your users will be actively searching for.


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