6 Tips To Boost Your Content Marketing Campaign In 2021

Despite endless speculation and worries about oversaturation, it is clear that content is still very relevant. It is still an important aspect of modern marketing strategy. This is primarily because we live in an age of information technology. People are always on the hunt for more information, the latest content, and more research.

While content marketing isn’t going anywhere, it has become a little more difficult to plan and create a successful campaign. Most businesses struggle to struggle to find the audience they need to get sufficient ROI from their campaigns.

This article includes a few tips and tricks that can help you elevate the content marketing game in 2021.

1. Have a Plan


Before you start a content marketing campaign, it is important to have a plan in place. This usually involves the steps mentioned below:

• Understanding your niche
• Setting goals for traffic and conversion
• Creating a target audience persona
• Creating a platform for your content (such as a blog website and social media profiles)
• Determining what your target audiences want.
• Setting key performance indicators for your marketing campaigns.

No marketing campaign is successful without proper planning and careful execution. A haphazard campaign isn’t just a waste of money, but it can also actively compromise your reputation.

2. Start Investing in Video Content

Video has always been an appealing content medium. Most people prefer watching a video to reading a block of text. Unfortunately, many marketers are intimidated by this medium because of its production aspect of. Video making requires the right equipment and skill. It often needs a bigger time commitment and investment than other forms of content.

Around 72% of the responding businesses to a particular survey agreed that video content improved their overall conversion rate, An increasing number of people watch videos on their mobile phone while they’re on the move.

This content medium is very versatile. There are many options to explore in this category, and they include:

• Live video on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
• Product or service walk-through videos for landing pages.
• How-to videos and other informational video content for blogs.
• Short-form, time-bound video content like Instagram Stories and Snapchat posts.

As you can see, there are many different ways to approach your customers through video. Just make sure you plan your content well and keep the message coherent. Tell a story through your video and ensure you get straight to the point.

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3. Use Graphics to Make Your Text Visually Appealing


People respond well to pictures and photographs. These mediums can help break up a large body of text and make it more appealing. Relevant graphics and images can also help people understand the content matter better.

For example, an article with a detailed infographic will enjoy a higher number of social shares. A text with visual content like slideshows or even short videos will provide better long-term value and lead to more conversions.

Make sure you only include relevant images and visual content in your articles. Ensure they’re optimized and will look great on all platforms, especially mobile
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4. There’s No Room for Short Content

Until recently, marketers could get away with short content pieces with around 300 to 500 words but that is no longer the case. Google has cracked down on content quality through a series of essential algorithm upgrades. The search engine deems any content that doesn’t provide sufficient value and is very short as ‘thin content.’

In 2020, you need to make sure all of your content is at least more than 1,000 words. Anywhere between 2,000 and 10,000 words are suitable. The average word count of articles on the first page of search engine results is around 1,890 and the average word count of the first result is around 2,450.

This shows just how important it is to have a good word count in your articles. Make sure you choose topics that can handle higher word count levels as well. Content quality also matters and you’ll gain no benefit from long-form content with a lot of filler, useless information.

5. Storytelling Reaches the Reader’s Heart

Modern customers value good user experience and authenticity. They like to establish a personal connection with brands and gain an honest response from them. That’s why storytelling is a very effective content marketing strategy, it appeals to the heart of customers because it shows something personal and engaging.

For example, a bland About Us page with just general information about your company doesn’t offer much value. However, a versatile About Us page that tells the story of the company’s origins, explains the personal struggle behind it and provides candid pictures can help earn a customer’s trust.
Add a storytelling element to all of your content. Provide real-life examples, create fictional scenarios, and paint the right picture for your target audience.

6. Focus on Topics Rather than Keywords

Most content marketers have similar approaches to this strategy. The first compile a list of keywords that are popular in their field. They can create content topics based on those keywords.

While this method can provide some results, it isn’t as effective as seeking out topics directly. You can first compile a list of topics and then create a list of keywords that can be included in a particular article. There are many ways to find topics and they include:

• Looking at the comment section on previous blogs for questions and discussions.
• Exploring questions in your field on popular Q&A platforms like Quora.
• Collecting common queries and concerns from your customers through the customer care or support team.
• Looking at past content to determine which topics got the best response.

This helps you creating content that already has an audience. You’re filling a vacuum and answering your customer’s questions.

Bear in mind that active promotion of your content is essential. If you don’t promote the articles on social media or through email marketing, you won’t have a successful campaign.

Keep in mind that your content should provide value to your website visitors and customers. If your content doesn’t provide value, it won’t rank high, attract backlinks, or earn people’s trust.

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