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The Advanced Guide To Google Penalty Removal

A Google penalty means a drop in traffic and rankings, which will lead to a fall in revenue. However, there is a 10 steps guide to get the penalty removed. This will allow you to regain your lost traffic and rankings. Read through these 10 steps to have the penalty removed.

Learn the differences in algorithm penalty and manual action

Manual actions are the ones given because sites are found violating Google’s quality guidelines. Google tells you clearly about manual actions. Algorithmic penalties are drop in rankings because Google’s algorithm has changed such as the Panda and Penguin.

Determine the type of penalty awarded to you

Not only is understanding the differences in algorithm penalty and manual action necessary, but you need to take the next step of identifying which penalty have you been slapped with.

The necessary action for an algorithmic penalty

Though such penalties are difficult to remove, you should know that your site has not been singled out. Such penalties are the result of two types of updates known as the Penguin and Panda, In case it is a Panda update that has hit you, then this implies a problem with the content of your site. Low-quality content receives this penalty, while other reasons include slow site speed and many ads. Penguin update are due to an issue with links. It could be an over-optimization of links.

Identify the type of manual action

There are as many as 10 different manual actions that will be clearly stated in your manual action reports. It will also be mentioned whether your entire site has been affected or part of it. The most common type of manual action is spam. Take the necessary steps to have these serious issues taken care of.

Carry out a link audit in case of link-based manual action
This becomes necessary in case of a link-related penalty. To find and download links to your website, you will need to visit search traffic and then click to links to your site. In case of finding and downloading links within your website, you will have to visit search traffic and then click to internal links. The next step would be to identify the suspicious links and note them in a spreadsheet.
Have the links removed by contacting the webmasters

In this step use the spreadsheet to contact the webmasters of these sites to request to have the links removed. It may be a time-consuming process, but you will have to undertake it.

The bad links need to be disavowed

Once all the steps to have the bad links removed have been taken, you need to go to Google’s Disavow tool. By submitting the necessary URLs through this tool, you will be telling Google that these URLs are not supposed to be counted towards your rankings.

Fix content-based penalty

This would require you to fix the site or content by improving user experience.

Reconsideration request

This step means writing and submitting a reconsideration request to Google in which you outline the steps you took to fix the problems. It must explain the issues on your site, describe the steps that have been taken to fix those issues and document things where they happen to be.

Receiving response
If you receive a “reconsideration request approved” response, then all is set. However, you may also end up receiving reconsideration request rejected or that Google has processed your report but there are some issues that need to be fixed. This will require you to go through all these steps once again.


These are the ten steps that will guide you throughout the process of removing the penalty imposed by Google. You will need to invest time and demonstrate patience to have the penalty removed. These steps will give you a good chance of having the penalties removed. Be sure to adopt all the practices stated in this article. Even more important is demonstrating patience while you pursue your efforts to have the penalty removed.

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