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Improve Your Content Performance By Stealing | Infographic

“Creating a blog post that everyone will gladly like and share is a hard job. How do you make your content that exciting?”

You can try and follow the advice that the team of Essay Tigers gives in their infographic which is shared publically by seomozfriday. First, you might think to steal?? That’s definitely not about me. But wait. When you read on and dig deeper, you’ll understand that what they are actually talking about is copying: the structure of successful blog posts and writing techniques from fiction.

First things first, choose an article that you once really liked. Mind you, you’ll have to pick the one that got lots of shares and likes. Then answer these questions: how long is the post, does it use some exciting statistics, does it trigger your emotions, and so on. After that, you can create a template. Write your post using the template.

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Another technique that the infographic tells us about is copying some methods from fiction. What usually attracts reader’s attention and keeps it to the end of the book? An intriguing plot, an exciting character, a magnetic setting.. try using all of that in your blog writing.

Last, but not least, copy your own content. No, don’t duplicate it. Repurpose it! If you had a blog post series, turn them into an ebook. Brilliant, right? See the rest in the infographic!”

If you looking for a blog post or infographic submission to related digital marketing then just read this guideline and let me know.

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