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HR Challenges: Tips To Consider While Hiring A Professional SEO Expert

Whether your business is small or large, or somewhere in the middle, there is always great importance of an HR (human resource) manager. He/she is the one who manages each and every task within an organization, recruits and interviews skilful candidates, fixes official appointments and do a lot of other work to help entrepreneurs run a successful business.


Being a professional HR executive, you may face lots of challenges, especially while recruiting a wised up SEO employee for your company. Selecting skilful digital marketing can be a tough job for you. You may find difficulties while hiring a candidate for this particular position.

To make this task easier, we bring you some of the crucial tips that will help HR manager choose the right candidate for the position of SEO expert within an organization.

1. Ask for their Experience in SEO

The selection of an SEO expert should be based on the years of experience he/she has in an SEO domain. Since every website requires different SEO techniques to generate better results, you should look for a candidate who has ample years of experience in this particular sector.

As an HR executive, you can ask for their SEO experiences so that you can make the final decision quickly. Also, try to know their tactics to gain more web traffic towards your site. An experienced SEO expert can help you solve all your queries quickly and easily.

2. Ask for references and case studies

You should ask for their previous projects, references and case studies to collect more information about them. Penetrate through their case studies to know their approach while working on their previous project. This will give you an idea about their working capabilities.

If you want some authentic references, then testimonials are an ideal solution for you. You can interact with their 2 or 3 current clients to collect more information about them.

3. He/she should have an understanding of three different SEO levels/aspects

Doing SEO marketing is not an easy task. There are lots of factors you should consider while appointing an SEO expert. Being an hr manager, you should ask for all the three different levels of Search Engine Optimization, including:

(a) Technical aspect: It includes the structure of a site that determines how search engines crawl and index a site. This means an SEO expert should know the technical aspects of all websites.

(b) One-page optimization: He/she should be the potential of using on-page optimization elements such as meta description, meta title, meta tag, meta keywords to get a higher ranking on SERPs.

(c) Off-page optimization: This includes link building, publishing SEO-friendly blog posts, website-relevant guest posts, articles and forums on the web.

Tip: An SEO specialist you are hiring should have in-depth knowledge of all these SEO aspects – as this can take your website to new heights of success.


Performing the role of HR managers is very daunting. They face different sorts of challenges while recruiting employees for their company. Well, these tips will help them find the most proficient SEO specialist for their site/company.

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Priyanka Gupta is working with Zactic SEO, which is a specialized SEO Company in India backed with years of experience of a team of diligent professionals. You may get in touch with Zactic SEO if you are planning to hire SEO Experts for your Website Promotion.

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