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How To Survive On Social Media For Upcoming Years

This is the age of communication being simplified and tech-savvy! This is the age of acute interaction between people to people, companies to companies via the fantastic medium of social platforms on the web. This sounds interesting and fabulous. Wow!


The marvellous popularity of using social media networking platforms for few years has brought many changes in our lives personally and professionally. To be honest, social media have become an imperative tool of marketing in its true sense of customer orientation and digitization.

The scope of social networking is widening, as it offers strong support to the organizations in providing the desired touch of concern and marketing strategies. Considering this the future of social media networking among the leading brands brings exciting promises as expected from the companies who fall under this in the top bracket.

Just to start the journey of the article, let’s keep track of the statistics and facts about social media users worldwide. The number of active social media users worldwide has reached the benchmark of 2 billion, and these are the people and businesses who are engaged in exploring the benefits of social media.

AND to add more, these numbers are immensely growing at a whopping rate of 25% every year that shows that new avenues will be going to come to light in the next few years.

Another statistical record shows that nine out of ten companies in the U.S. are very active on social media where they are vigorously engaged in creating businesses and use it for personal branding as well. A lot of people use it quite effectively for advertising and marketing their product and services. The percentage of people, saying social media has impacted their sale (amplification), is more than half of the total lot.

Few more facts –


There are over 2.5 billion active social media users worldwide and the number is growing at a rate of 9% a year. According to Advertising Age, social media spend grew 55% to $10.9 billion, up from the previous year’s $7 billion. Moreover, just check out the next fact where 4 billion, number of users, are active on messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Wechat, and Kik. Interestingly users open these more than Facebook and Instagram accounts.

These statistics clear now social media has become a huge part of our lives – personally and professionally and so these days they use the term “dark social”. So, what’s happening in the present is that content is shared and speculated but a lot of people still it as a mystery to get a clear idea of how this content affects the traffic on the internet and rate of conversion. Guesswork exists, but there is no clear picture of the potential that social messaging or media holds.

How to combat the battle!

Everything in the world needs a strong foundation, to explain this better let’s take an example conveying emotion effectively has many pluses and variants, but how we do it in this social media era. Just for an instance – a demise of someone close occurs and you as a known person is sad and disappointed, ideally, you shall go out to share the pain but with the age of Facebook we intent to pay condolences on the Facebook status and WhatsApp. And with this, we console ourselves that we are humans and involved in mankind. Social media has immensely amplified and quickened the reactions of the general public.

So if you wish to be alive in the age of social media then change a bit of pattern and adapt to the new technologies with ease, without disturbing your current regime of advertising and branding strategies. Have a look at some of the points below that will help you clear your doubts.

Be authentic, be human –

As everything is related to content and research management. Thus try to be authentic and post real stuff rather than just duplicating and being fake. Content starts with meaningful connections that shall engage your target audience. Share positive and relevant stuff so that survival becomes easy.

Maintain the customer records who are on social media –

Nowadays a one-to-one approach is quite possible. You must have heard of big data these days that is on everyone’s lips, yet hardly anyone knows about its implementation and usage. So, try walking the talk on big data and getting on with it for better survival.

No one is concerned about customer service –

Social media is bashing high, with the competition and huge demand to rank high. But we are losing on customer service. An excellent social media customer management is that reaches every person who is connected via social media.

Try a new mind shift –

Do you know why insurers focus so strongly on customer retention? Because if you are transparent and clear then your client or customers will not run away as they love good product excellent service. Shift to new drift of serving via good social media for survival.

SSL certificates are essential – When talking about combating the social media battle, not to miss is the importance of SSL certificates and how one can be wise in choosing them, monetarily and operationally. SSL is considered as the backbone of the secured internet connection, it protects the transmission of the information that travels across the world via the web.

SSL offers trust and encrypted information to the servers and the connected browsers. There are many types of SSL certificates available in the market that you can buy from vendors, but having said that, buying them can be a pricey affair. Thus, there are some tricks that you can follow and choose wisely to save a bit of money on your SSL certificate,

for example:

• Buy in bulk, It will help you to grab more discount as you purchasing in bulk.
• Get an SSL certificate for a year or more than a year.
• You can grab the latest deals & discounts available on SSL Certificates.
• You can choose to compare the prices from different certificate authority provider and then choose the best for you.


Ohh, Yes, it is very important to learn about the social media mistakes made by the leading brands because no matter how well executed the social media strategies are but there is always a scope and a dark side of the new-age technology. It is very simple; if anything goes wrong then the entire strategies can fall reverse, resulting in losing your customers, conversion rate, bad reputation, etc. Thus to avoid mistakes on social media try learning from the mistakes committed by the leading brands.

Have a quick look at some of them –

Coca-Cola: Campaign – Someone learns geography is tough Total beauty (online publication): Campaign – When Total Beauty got confused Microsoft: Campaign – When Microsoft’s bot turned out to be a racist jerk.

Just to conclude, we want to say that do not repeat the mistakes done by the business giants when on social media do some good research, understand the market niche, so that you can pull off well over social media in upcoming years. Think twice before you act or post anything on social media, if went wrong can have adverse effects. Be aware! The need of the hour says, that stop selling and start telling on social media, this will work effectively for your survival.

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