How To Increase Your Conversion Rate Through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the new buzzword in the market nowadays. Chances are that you may have encountered this word at some point in time or other. Applications of Artificial Intelligence are countless and are increasing with every passing day.


• So what actually Artificial Intelligence is? In simple words, Artificial Intelligence deals with making intelligent machines. These machines have the human-like capability to perform tasks like reasoning, problem-solving and decision making.

• Artificial intelligence research has revolutionized each and every field. Digital marketing is no exception. Advancements made by AI in the field of digital marketing are applaudable. As everything goes digital, brands are also looking forward to selling their products and services online.

• For this, they require proper strategy and tools. Artificial Intelligence as a service has become a handy tool in the hands of digital marketers.

Artificial Intelligence has helped digital marketers in increasing their conversion rates and generating new leads. Let us discuss how it has helped digital marketers in doing so:

Predictive analysis:

• As soon as the user browses something on the internet, his search data, queries get shared in the databases. Artificial Intelligence systems make use of this data and predict user behaviour on the basis of past searches.

• As a result, it helps in predictive analysis and showing the advertisement that is relevant in accordance with the previous searches of the user. This increases CTR(Click Through Rate) and that, in turn, improves the conversion rate.

AI is result-oriented:

• Artificial Intelligence software companies have helped digital marketing in making more result-oriented solutions for digital marketers. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence systems have more productivity. The reason being machines can provide service 24×7 without your supervision and without getting tired.

• AI systems can build a good relationship with clients. They are designed to be more friendly and informative as much as possible. This enhances user experience which in turn helps in leveraging the sales and conversion rate from prospective leads into customers.

Decision Making made easy:

• As we all know that marketing is all about making decisions. Taking a decision is a very difficult task than it seems. This is because a single wrong decision can lead you to a huge loss as a huge amount of money is at stake.

• One of the applications of artificial intelligence systems is that it has made taking decision easy. As we know that artificial intelligence systems have the capability of crunching a huge amount of data at a particular time. So, it can perfectly see a larger view of all the possibilities and outcomes.

• By analyzing all the data, it can come to the best possible solution to the problem, making it easy for the brands to make decisions for the organizations. In more than 95 per cent of the cases, the decision made with the help of AI systems has proved to be fruitful to the organizations.

Chatbots in action:

• One of the artificial intelligence technologies in business that has changed the way it is looked at is AI-powered chatbots. Chatbots are AI-powered programs that simulate human-like conversations. They help in providing better customer support on the behalf of the organizations.

• Chatbots are build using neural network algorithms that can understand and answer the queries asked by humans. Chatbots are cost-effective and can provide service to customers 24×7 that too without getting tired or bored.

This has helped in improving the conversion rate of the businesses.

Voice recognition systems:

• In the upcoming years, the voice recognition system tends to replace text searches. In this way, the searches further become more informal. If the organizations have got its content right, it is more likely to be at the top of the searches.

• This helps in generating good quality and quantity of data on the website. As a result of good traffic on the website, the conversion rate of business can increase at a huge rate.

Accurate Sales Forecasting:

• What would be the future trend in the market? How will the market behave in various situations in future? How will sales be affected due to new competitors in the market? These are some of the questions that digital marketers have to ask themselves.

• Artificial Intelligence research in the field of digital marketing has helped in answering these questions. As we all know that for forecasting the sales of any organization, many parameters have to be taken into account. Artificial Intelligence systems can process a huge amount of data, see the results from various dimensions, and finally forecast sales.

• In this way, businesses get to know their future sales and with good precision as artificial intelligence systems are not based on guesses. It is based solely on the data.


• In the end, we can say that Artificial intelligence technologies in business have revolutionized the way digital marketing is looked at improving conversion rates. With the help of AI systems, many big and small organizations have gained a lot in a short time. In the future, the scope of artificial intelligence in digital marketing is definitely going to increase.

Author Bio:

Varun Arya is a passionate Data Scientist as well as Digital Marketer at Research Infinite Solutions- He loves to share his knowledge with the world by writing different blogs on different websites so that other people can also get knowledge by reading his blogs. He has deep knowledge in Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning skill people so that they can understand the Stock Market Prediction System, E-commerce Recommendation System as well as he is a Google Certified Person.

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