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8 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Rule 2021

2021 is going to be an excellent year for marketing. New and innovative trends are rising every day. Here are seven digital marketing trends that will dominate the industry this year.


digital marketing

1. The Dominance Of Video Marketing

Video content is dominating the marketing strategies this year. The human brain processes visual content 60 thousand times faster and more effectively than just text. Videos can explain the ins and outs of your product or services in great detail in a very reasonable amount of time. Whether it is 360 videos, time-lapse videos or boomerang videos that you prefer, the customer engagement and rate of your customers will increase dramatically by the use of videos.

But you have to consider that almost every business is using videos in their marketing, the thing that will make you stand out from the crowd is your creativity. Aim toward the creation of creative and unique content to get maximum effectiveness of your marketing.

2. Live Streaming

Live streaming is becoming popular on all social media platforms. According to statistics posted by Facebook, users watch live content three times longer than static videos. So promoting your products through live videos can be a grand and very effective strategy. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and periscope are some of the most popular live-streaming platforms today.

By the use of live stories on Instagram companies and individuals have the opportunity to interact with their customers in real-time.

3. Marketing Through Social Media Celebrities

Having social media personalities as your brand ambassadors, which is also known as influencer marketing is a trend that has been dominating the marketing industry this year. These influencers have the trust of their followers, and their advice means a lot to their followers so, if a social media celebrity who has a considerable amount of followers promotes your products, the chances of you making a sale increase significantly. Device unboxing videos are a great example of influencer marketing.

4. The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is making its way into almost every aspect of our life. It is taking over technology rapidly and is making our life more comfortable. AI is now making its way into marketing as well, and 2018 is the beginning of this trend.

The use of artificial intelligence can be expected on online websites, marketing, online shopping and customer care. The entry of artificial intelligence in marketing may not be as flashy as the use of robots, but intelligent software and algorithms are going to be a significant part of the marketing strategies of the future.

5. The Era OF Chatbots

A chatbot is a replacement for customer service employees. Companies will start using a chatbot to aid and assist customers in the process of sales and will answer their questions. These bots are programmed to hold a conversation and answer any queries and questions that a customer may have. The use of chatbots also saves the resources that have to be spent on customer service employees and also increases customer satisfaction.

6. Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility is critical for survival this year. More and more people are leaning towards the use of mobile devices over traditional desktop devices. In fact, according to Google, more than about 60 per cent of their search requests are submitted from mobile devices.

So it is extremely critical that your websites and advertisement content is compatible with mobile devices. Consider developing an online application that promotes and sell your products. So, mobile compatibility is a trend that you have to start using if you desire to gain any progress in the market this year.

7. In-game Advertisement

The only time that I have gone through a whole advertisement video is that when I was playing a game and some incentive was to be gained by the viewing of that video. In-game advertisement is a trend that has been increasing lately.

As the gaming industry is progressing and is expanding into regions like virtual reality, the use of in-game advertisement will also increase. This strategy increases the customer engagement rate as customers are more likely to go through a whole video when they have something to gain from it.

8. Video Marketing

Nowdays video marketing is booming and it’s very imapctful. Video marketing need good content and good design video as well. I would suggest Renderforest if anybody wants to create video online for quality. They will provide best video templates and editing options to optimize as per your needs. So once you get the good video you can promote it over on Youtube, Vimeo, Reddit, Facebook and etc platforms.

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