5 Free SEO Tools You Should Have In 2021

“Search engine optimization plays a major role in the language of the World Wide Web as a noun, verb, and adjective.” -Todd Malicoat, Stuntdubl.

Without a doubt, search engine optimization (SEO for brevity) continues to be a tried and tested strategy that brings traffic onto a website. But, unlike any other optimization techniques, SEO is an ongoing process in the sense that you would regularly need to refine and enhance your strategies. After all, according to Stoney Degetter, “You cannot just “SEO” your website and be done. It is a forever moving goal post”.

Considering that, it would be in your paramount interest to continue integrating modern and updated SEO tools that would augment user experience and have your websites rank. So, if you are a smart SEO company, you would have an arsenal of SEO tools that would execute commands to optimize your website.

Moreover, if you are a practical company that utilizes ingenious tools to boost your optimization technique, you would likely have amazing SEO tools that are offered for free to complete your arsenal of SEO tools. After all, who doesn’t like free stuff?

However, not all free stuff can guarantee you the same things and more often than not, most of them are junk. When you are on the scout for free SEO tools, you want the tools that bring you extra traffic, rank, and conversion that would eventually result to profit. To avoid using free tools that you are better off without, here is a list of the best free SEO tools:


1.) Google Analytics

Any SEO specialist who does not use Google Analytics is missing out on quite a lot—most especially since Google is the biggest search engine. After all, in the eyes of an online marketer, Google Analytics is like what air is to human beings. This means it would probably be impossible to live without it.

In their case, it would be hard to do SEO. If you have not been using Google Analytics yet then it is best you start today or as soon as possible. Google Analytics provides you with detailed and high-quality information unlike any other. If you crucial and actionable data about traffic and site visitors, Google Analytics is a critical source.

2.) Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT for brevity) complements your Google Analytics tool. Your optimization techniques are further enhanced when these two are used hand in hand. However, note that the “webmaster” in the designation of the tool is actually a misnomer as the tool is not just a tool for webmasters, but for SEO as well.

The pivotal focus of the tool deals with search and optimization. GWT is similar to Google Analytics in the sense that it provides some of the same data, only that it is presented in a much straightforward and simpler way.

3.) Keyword Planner

Researching keywords is integral to SEO, and the Keyword Planner is your best bet in doing this as the Keyword Tool has been replaced. If you are particularly new to keyword search, the Keyword Planner is incredibly ideal for you.

Apart from searching high ranking keywords, it would also find a new keyword and group ideas and get traffic estimates for a list of keywords among others. While the Keyword Planner pretty much has the same functionality as the Keyword Tool, the focus is primarily set on Adwords generation rather than the pure organic keyword research.

4.) MozBar

People who are excellent at doing SEO do not only deal with SEO techniques and strategies; they also have a knowledge of the right stuff. This is where the MozBar comes in as it is an integrated application on your browser toolbar that would assist you in discovering just the right stuff at one glance.

One click on MozBar would give you an instant report as regards the website you are currently visiting. A pretty nifty tool for someone trying to discover how a particular website is doing and if there have been any improvements.

5.) SEOWorkers Analysis

Much like how the MozBar works, this Analysis tool would allow you to enter any website URL (even ones that are not yours) and quickly generate a report. While it does not really provide you with anything new nor fresh, it would be a great tool for saving time—especially when it comes to analysis.

Furthermore, the reports are given quickly and are quite detailed (as it provides background information on the data) and would include stuff you would usually overlook such as the HTTP Headers check. Additionally, the tool gives you helpful icons that would easily indicate whether you are doing well or you would need to do some brushing up on a particular area.

Remember, SEO is an ongoing process, and if you are serious about it, you need to have the right tools. Unfortunately, for a particular website to reach its fullest potential, you would also need to acquire SEO tools that would require you to pay. If you want thorough SEO work, you are going to need a paid subscription. After all, some premium features would not be available for free.

Author Bio:

Jennevie Corre is a Sr. Content Writer and Researcher at Optimized Technology Solutions, a web design and SEO company in the Philippines.

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